Friday, June 12, 2009

Sotomayor and the New York State Senate -- win/win for the Republicans

Has anyone noticed the Puerto Rico link between the New York Senate Flying Circus and SCOTUS nominee Sotomayor? Plot out the story arc and see where it goes.

Up in Albany, we have a few Democrats -- who happen to be Puerto Ricans from the NYC boroughs -- crossing the aisle to put the Republicans back in power, with obvious quids-pro-quo. These PRDs happen to be [flounders for word which will not put me in court] accused of various election and campaign fund frauds and assault (one of them has charges pending for assaulting his girlfriend with broken glass). Despite the fact that these two guys are really, truly unsavory, and their path to power is out for all to see, the Puerto Rican caucus is with them all the way.

And over here we have Bronx-raised Latina Judge Sotomayor, whom the Republicans are looking to paint in the darkest of colors.

What a party the Republican leadership must be having this week! With the most public of payoffs, the state party has retaken the state Senate and ended all hope for action on anything for the rest of the session. As a side benefit, they will manage to tar Judge Sotomayor with an implication that this is what it is to be Puerto Rican in the Bronx.

Bronxite Roy Cohn has crawled out of his grave and is dancing around the cemetery.

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