Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's a Youngstown thing, Part I

Pyrohy, pierogi, pirohi ... I could go on. There's at least a dozen more names and subtle differences, depending on which side of a hundred-year-old border your family came from. This shows the team of pyrohy (Ukrainian) makers at Holy Trinity (Ukrainian) in Youngstown.

:: sniff :: Personally, I always bought pirohi at Holy Trinity in Struthers. Looking around, I see that St. Stanislaus (Polish) has sauerkraut-filled pierogi. Now those are the best. Yum.

When, at age 20, I finally got my driver's license, I spent literally hours every possible day on the road exploring the area where I'd grown up. Wherever I had seen a curious sign or an interesting-looking building, I'd go search it out. These central European dumplings were a part of the scenery, produced by the church ladies for meatless Fridays. In those innocent days I deep-fried (or at least fried) them and served them with very hot mustard.

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