Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The whole world is in my hands

Yes, there is no end to my power. I have a Blendtec blender!

Last summer, Cousin Manda’s sweetheart bought her a top-of-the-line blender. I’m not sure what brand, but oh! The soups, the purees, the smoothies she turns out with that blender.

During the fall and winter, I twice destroyed the blade in my Waring -- which is fifty years old, but the blades are new. One evening Lydia called, distressed because she had tried to make carrot juice in a food processor and, of course, turned out something fit for the compost heap. She never noticed that I have a juicer too, for carrot juice, with two separate filters to be scooped out and cleaned (more compost), wasting significant carrot fiber.

I yearned and yearned and finally, I decided that even if I have to go about in shoes with holey soles next winter, I really, really want a powerful blender. I studied blender websites assiduously and finally settled on the Blendtec HP3A [1500 watts! 3+ peak horsepower!], which arrived 45 minutes ago.

The Blendtec will make carrot juice (added water is necessary, says the instruction book). It will puree — wait for it — avocado pits! (Do I really want fiber that badly? Am not sure … it seems a little extreme.) I happen to have two avocados on the kitchen table … but I am in no hurry. My banana peach blueberry cherry strawberry almond smoothie is soothing all the rough edges, and I am at peace.

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