Monday, May 4, 2009

Big Bend fandom

Today's Clade piece is about hiking at Big Bend. Interestingly, Nevada Barr's newest mystery, Borderline, is set in the national park at Big Bend.

The Clade piece is written by Bill W (presumably not the same Bill W who founded AA). Lyrical writing, and another person struck down by love for the desert. Who wouldn't fall in love with a place where both plants and animals have spikes?

Barr's newest just doesn't grab me the way some of her earlier books did; I read A Superior Death (1994) alone in the house, and it ranks right up there with Life's Creepiest Experiences. AND: One of life's creepiest experiences, and containing a thorough explanation of the formation of adipocere, and set at Isle Royale, yet another reason to revisit Lake Superior.

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