Sunday, April 26, 2009

A brand-new view from my bedroom

I just walked into my bedroom. This is what was just outside my window, glowing in the midday light.

What a gift! I asked myself why it surprised me ... after all, that apple tree has been standing there for decades. But the view is the result of the blossoms being full (which they weren't yesterday and may not be tomorrow) and the sun being in just the right place in the sky. I rarely go into my bedroom mid-afternoon, so yes, it's possible that I have lived here eight years and never seen it before.

There's a moral there, isn't there? [Memo to self: save for sermon topic someday.] For six months a year I have total privacy in my bedroom because of the fullness of the apple tree's crown. It's wonderful -- I can sleep naked with the window wide open and know that no one sees me but the breeze. But I really did not expect those shimmering branches to be hanging right outside. I am surprised by joy.

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