Monday, June 24, 2013

A new day? Many of them, I hope

It just happened that when I started divinity school in 2009, my blogging stopped dead. And why not? I was experiencing a new city—and that city was delightful: Chicago. The hours of my day were filled with learning: new people, new ideas, new ways of being me. Suddenly I was in a relationship—actually, not just one, but many. An old love reappeared (and we are together, four years later, in Saint Paul). Preparing for ministry put me into a new relationship with my home congregation in Hastings-on-Hudson, my religious history, with theology and philosophy and ethics—suddenly and unexpectedly, everything I encountered had new meaning.

Over four years one would hope for change, and it certainly happened. I am born again! Ordination is still in the future; the road is a long one. But every day has been well and happily lived. So I am going to see whether I can blog again. Will the ideas come? Will the words? This is nothing like writing a sermon! Or Facebook.